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January 3, 2019

NEW Paper Sleeves For Your Vintage 1950s 1960s Aluminum Christmas Tree Branches!!!!

I know we are all packing up our vintage Christmas goodies right now, so I am just re-running this once again in case anyone needs some new, fresh paper sleeves for their aluminum tree branches! 

By Sara In AZ

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Is your Aluminum Tree tired, rundown, listless……well, instead of feeding it some Vitameatavegamin you might want to consider getting it some brand NEW paper branch sleeves!!!

How many of you out there have an aluminum tree with either no branch sleeves……or branch sleeves that are literally falling apart? Come on, raise your hands y’all…I know there must  be a lot of you out there. Why? Because I had the exact same problem myself!

Here is a picture of our green and silver vintage aluminum tree all set up at our last house a few years ago.


And here is how we were storing it.


Yep, that’s right….just a bunch of branches thrown into a plastic tub. Ugh, right?!

We bought this tree for $25 years ago and this was how it came to us….no box…..no paper branch sleeves……just all thrown together wrapped in newspaper and shoved into a garbage bag.

We tried interleaving the layers with large sheets of packing paper………..


……………and using some gift wrapping paper tubes.


But to be perfectly honest with you neither of those methods worked very well as the paper really did very little to protect the branches and the gift wrapping paper tubes took up SO much space we’d need multiple tubs to store the branches in….IF we ever managed to collect enough to put all of the branches in.

It certainly was a dilemma and I could tell it was taking a toll on our beloved tree as the aluminum “sprigs” were getting all mangled up and bent…it was just a bad situation all around. I did not know what to do, what was the best way to store an old aluminum tree that had no original packing material left?

Enter seller Jeff from needful_useful_things and his amazing NEW paper sleeves for Aluminum Tree branches!!!!!


55 new Paper sleeves 24″L and 1.5″W for vintage aluminum Christmas trees

55 new Paper sleeves 20″L x 1.5″W for vintage aluminum Christmas trees

55 new Paper sleeves 16″L x 1.5″W for vintage aluminum Christmas trees

55 new Paper sleeves 30″ L and 1.5″ W for vintage aluminum Christmas trees

55 new Paper sleeves 18″L x 1.5″W for vintage aluminum Christmas trees

OH.MY.GOSH!!!! As soon as I saw these were available I could not wait to get my hands on them y’all!!!!! NEW paper sleeves for my branches…it was like the Aluminum Tree Gods had finally answered my prayers!!!!

From the listing:

Fresh new paper sleeves for your vintage aluminum Christmas tree.  Your 50 to 75 year old paper sleeves are not protecting the fragile aluminum branches any longer.  Replace with my hand-made paper sleeves.  New 40 lb kraft paper, new 3Mbrand double sided clear tape, hand cut and assembled exactly as the original sleeves.   Protect and extend the life of your tree, pass it on to future generations !!!   My new sleeves will protect your aluminum branches for another 50 years.  PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT for the next generation!

I waited with eager anticipation until my shipment arrived and when it did I couldn’t open the box fast enough! I was quite impressed with the quality of the sleeves – the paper is a nice quality, heavy weight paper…but not too heavy as to make it awkward to insert your branches into them. These paper sleeves are all handmade and I was quite impressed with the precision of each sleeve…..they were all perfectly aligned!


So, one day I set about putting all new paper sleeves on every single one of my green and silver aluminum tree branches………..


…………….sliding the branches in……………


……………………getting closer…………………


………………and huzzah, we are done!!!! And yes, Midnight DOES approve!


Oh gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to FINALLY have all of the aluminum tree branches stored properly!!! The branches really were getting mangled up from being tangled together since they were not individually wrapped before. I know that the tree will last a lot longer now since each branch is individually protected!

So, if you are in need of new paper sleeves definitely check out these awesome new paper sleeves that are available!  If you do not see your size for sale in his listings please do not hesitate to contact Jeff as he is super great to work with and will answer any questions you have about his paper sleeves.


Seller needful_useful_things

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