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October 25, 2018

Have A Spooky, Scary, Happy Halloween! – Thursday Retro Rewind

I thought what with Halloween less than a week away now it would be fun to re-post this Halloween post I originally did 5 years ago. These were mementos from my childhood that my Mom held onto…read on for a flashback into my childhood Halloween memories!

By Sara In AZ

In honor of today being Halloween I wanted to take a little departure from the normal MCM goodness we bring to you everyday to show you something a little bit different.

How about a “Spooky, Scary” story to kick your Halloween day off right…then maybe a terrifying picture to top it all off???

Well folks, this isn’t just ANY ‘spooky, scary’ story……no, this was written by little old me way back in the 3rd Grade in 197…*cough…cough* – well a LONG time ago at any rate!

Way back in the “olden-times” when I wrote this super scary story my school still made good old mimeograph copies…….for those of you who had mimeograph papers at school you will never forget the purple-ish hue…..the faintly damp feel…..that smell………oh yes, the good old days.

I don’t have many of my old school papers, but for some reason this one was saved. It’s funny too, I can completely remember the day I wrote this…..I remember how the classroom looked…..I remember receiving these papers and ‘passing some down’ …..I remember writing it and thinking I had just written the *most* terrifying story ever told – how Stephen King never got a hold of my story idea before I’ll never know! ha!

As I look back on my story now I find it charming for all the errors….all the misspells, the inconsistencies…and I am fascinated at what my 3rd grade mind found terrifying. I don’t even want to imagine how a 3rd grader would end this story in 2013.


What is this terrifying story you ask? Well let’s get on with the show (all misspellings and other errors included).

A Spooky, Scary, Story

On Halloween, Freddy, who was the bravest boy in the world, decided to sleep in a haunted house……………..when he walked in the house he saw spiders. And then he walked a little bit more and saw a ghost. And he walked up the stars and saw a brain It was getting late and his mother told him to go to bed at 8:00 and when he went to bed something woke him up IT was strang and horridle IT Was goblins! he was scared to Dath he ran so fast he got home in time.

Whew, are y’all still with me – or have you run for cover yet? I just knew y’all would be scared too! Just remember to breathe and it will all be ok. And Stephen King – if you want to buy the rights to my story please feel free to give me a call, really – anytime day or night!

For anyone that is still with me I wanted to end my post with this artistic masterpiece I drew in kindergarten. I know, it’s just as terrifying as the story isn’t it?! And for those of you about to ask – that witch is riding on a broomstick, but I have no idea why a rocket is flying through the moon.


Have a fabulous Halloween everyone…enjoy the day…enjoy your family….and please don’t let all of the goblins scare you to ‘dath’!


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