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October 31, 2018

Going Antiquing

By Julia

Today’s adventure is a little closer to home than the SAGA we found last week. We found an evening estate sale in our area and popped in to look around. The house was unremarkable, but there were a wide variety of items at this one. A couple of mid-century gems caught our eyes.

These end tables were made by a local furniture company, Widdicomb. They look quite sturdy, like they are ready for many more years of faithful service.

I love the details carved into the legs and the front!

This art deco radio was fascinating! The dial reminded me of what one might see in a spaceship. I can just imagine listening to War of the Worlds around this piece.

This super cool ice cube tray ended up coming home with us. I think with a little TLC it will be ready for service again in no time.

I love the atomic details on this napkin holder, although it could have also held letters or other mail. This came home with us too.

The piece has a lovely patina. It reminds me of our magazine racks!

We also fell in love with this zodiac clock. The walnut finish and spindly arms remind me of our SAGA furniture.

Here, you can see the signs of the zodiac a little better. This clock is in very good shape for its age.

This collection of furniture circulars from the early 1960s was off to the side in the office at this estate sale. The mid-century fonts and graphics in them were fantastic!

How about you, dear readers? Have any of you found any neat mid-century treasures recently?

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