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June 27, 2018

Going Antiquing

By Julia

I stumbled upon a new (to me) antiques mall not too long ago. Lost and Found is in a cool old factory building in Grand Rapids, MI in an area of town that used to be mostly industrial. The architecture is lovely- the outside still looks industrial while the inside has had some nice updates, but not too many to lose the charm of the well-loved building. There are actually several antiques shops in the same large building, but Lost and Found had the best selection of mid-century items.

In the midst of our search for the perfect vintage Broyhill line, I ran into this pristine gentleman’s chest from the Broyhill Emphasis line. I love the simple design and the walnut finish. I was seriously considering how to convince my husband we needed to bring this piece home when he pointed out the “SOLD” tag. Oh well.

There were two of these fireplaces available, this orange one and a red one. I’m enamored with the design on these, too; they’re so classically 60s and the colors are so vibrant.

These white-and-turquoise barstools were in great shape. The brass legs had just a little patina and the vinyl looked nearly new.

I love how they paired this orange sectional with the lime green end tables and the orange vase. The colors work together nicely, and I could picture these pieces together in a glorious mid-century living room. The Naugahyde on the sectional was also pristine.

I went cuckoo for this electric clock! The square-on-its-side shape is visually appealing, the patina was lovely, and the scrollwork on the outside reminded me of a clock at my grandma’s house.

This fun wood-leaf and flower clock convinced me that I could decorate my whole house with clocks. Maybe multiple clocks per room if they all tied together nicely.

What about you, dear readers? Have any of you stumbled upon a new place to find fascinating mid-century gems?

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