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March 29, 2018

It’s Lamb Cake Time….Again!!!

Since Easter is coming up in just a few short days I thought it would be fun to re-post the Lamb Cake Mike and I made last year! And yes, we plan to make another Lamb Cake this Easter….have a wonderful Easter everyone!

By Sara In AZ


Ok y’all – remember last year when I showed off my estate sale finds…..the new old stock lamb and bunny cake pans?! Here is a link to the post if you missed it

Estate Sale Score! Vintage New Old Stock Nordic Ware Aluminum Bunny Rabbit and Lamb Cake Molds!



At the very end of that post I was already planning my Easter meal…including a Lamb Cake!  Sooooooo, did I make the cake? Did it turn out? You’ll have to read on to get all the details!

I’m not going to lie….not even one little bit……I was nervous about making this cake. Slightly terrified actually. I have never even seen one of these finished cakes up-close and  in person…no one in my family has ever made one in the past….I would not really classify myself as a “baker”. I mean, I can bake….but this just seemed a little above my comfort level if you will. I thought the odds of me coming out the other end of this with a *perfect* lamb cake were slim to none, but I was willing to give it a shot anyways!

First, I went over to The Mid Century Menu and read Ruth’s Lamb Cake Tutorial about a thousand times. I HIGHLY recommend reading through her tutorial if you want to make a Lamb Cake, she seriously has some great advice and her tips REALLY helped me!

Next, I decided what cake I wanted to make……I chose the Chocolate Pound Cake but Ruth has tons of other recipe’s on The Mid Century Menu if you do not like chocolate!

I decided to rope Mike into this Lamb cake extravaganza too, so when Easter Day arrived we were both up bright and early with visions of Lamb cakes in our minds!

Here is the Lamb pan and the recipe!


All ingredients are assembled!


The Lamb pan has been buttered and floured per Ruth’s strict instructions!


The butter is “softening”


Butter and sugar are becoming friends!


Eggs have been added and now we are mixing in the chocolate and vanilla.


And here is the final step – alternately adding the dry ingredients and the milk….we are at the final stages of mixing everything together when this picture was taken.


Now we are filling the pan!


We forgot to buy baking string, but luckily Mike came through in a pinch and had some copper wires we could tie around the pan. Yay Mike!!!


And then we *almost* had an incident of epic proportions…..a mistake on my part that could have resulted in a head-less lamb. Eeeekkkkksssssss!!!! I totally forgot to insert the toothpicks and skewer into the lamb head and ears! I had Mike pop the lamb pan open lickity-split so I could reinforce the poor guy’s head….whew…crisis averted!


We wired the  little guy back together, popped him in the oven and crossed our fingers that everything would turn out ok on the other end!

It was killing me to wait to take one side of the form off, but Ruth was adamant that one wait 15 minutes….so wait we did! And we were practically beside ourselves with excitement when the one side came off so perfectly!!!


Now, could we get the entire cake out in one piece!?!

EEEEeeeeEeeeEEeeeeEEEeeeeeeEEEeeee!!!! YES! It TOTALLY worked!!!!!


I was almost hyperventilating I was SO excited…..I could not believe it – our very first time making a lamb cake and it came out of the pan perfectly!!! Honestly though, it would have never happened were it not for Ruth’s Lamb Cake Tutorial!

Now for the fun part – decorating the cake! I will admit it…..I 100% cheated here and bought Duncan Hines white vanilla frosting to use on the cake!


Here is the Lamb all frosted up and with the addition of his eyes and nose but……………………


……………..he didn’t seem quite “finished” until we added the coconut!


Ha! Oh my gosh, I am STILL surprised we managed to pull off a Lamb cake on our very first try!!! It was a really fun experience and I look forward to making another one next year!

Also, thanks Ruth for your  dedication to making Lamb Cakes easy for everyone to enjoy, I never could have done it without all the tips and recipes on The Mid Century Menu!!!

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2 Responses to It’s Lamb Cake Time….Again!!!

  1. libbyontheprairie Reply

    April 1, 2018 at 11:33 pm

    Nice job! I love it =) I wonder if they still make those molds. When we lived in Austria (about 10 years ago), they were everywhere! I should have snatched one then!

    • Sara In AZ Reply

      April 3, 2018 at 9:29 pm

      Thank you Libby! You know, that is a really good question, I am not sure if they make these exact molds or not anymore?????

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