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February 7, 2018

Perfect Timing

By Julia

When my husband and I were on our recon mission to fetch my favorite de-light-ful lamp from the cottage my dad shared with his buddies, we were also on the lookout for other retro treasures that had been left behind. Since the house and its furnishings had been listed for sale, it was an all-or-nothing trip to fetch memorabilia. Many items were a little too well-loved to make the traveling squad, but one item in particular caught my attention: a peculiar clock that hung above the refrigerator. I remembered staring at that clock while eating breakfast on those far-away summer mornings, practicing how to tell time on its strange hands. Look at it as an adult, the clock wasn’t weird at all; it was retro-fabulous.

I love the teardrop shape and the roman numerals. The walnut finish coordinates well with our other furniture.

The clock, now hanging in our dining room, is about 18 inches tall from point to point and about 12 inches wide at the roundest section in the middle.

The clock face has traditional hands and numerals. The manufacturer appears to be Waltham, but I couldn’t find much information about them.

What about you, dear readers? Have any of you ever seen a clock like this or with this manufacturer’s mark?

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