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December 4, 2017

Dear Miss Monday – The Smell of Christmas

By Miss Monday

Dear Miss Monday,

I have a gold aluminum tree that I found years ago at a flea market. I had been searching for ages and am beyond delighted with how it looks in my home at Christmas, but I miss that christmas tree smell. With all of the adorable little tree stands popping up in my neighborhood I am tempted by the sweet smell of a real tree. What do I do? Do I give up my beautiful aluminum beauty? Or go without the smell of Christmas?

Oh the heavenly aroma of a fresh cut tree during the holidays! There have been songs written about it. It’s a sensory experience I completely understand. And at the same time I’m totally jealous. I’ve yet to find an aluminum beauty in the wild!For the ten years while my husband and I lived in New York City we went without a tree. Any tree. At all. We just couldn’t justify the price tag for something we would have to jam into a corner of 500 sq ft. And I couldn’t stomach the thought of every day having to step over a fake tree that only went up once a year. I too missed the delightful scent of a fresh cut tree. It didn’t feel like Christmas without it.Then as I was walking home one day I noticed that every time the corner tree guy sold a tree, the bottom branches were stripped away and thrown in a pile. I would see these piles grow into towering pillars of pine. So I asked if I could buy some of them. Mr. Christmas Tree said I could just have some. This was a revelation. This began our wreath tradition.

Every year I would walk down to the Christmas tree stand and ask if I could have an armful of branches that I would tie into a wreath to hang in our window. We would decorate it with a couple of ornaments and put our few presents underneath it. But beyond being a lovely tradition I remember the smell. Oh the beautiful, prickly smell.

We’ve since moved to Nashville, TN and now have our own little brick box with a yard and everything. It’s not terribly big, but there is enough room for a tree. As I mentioned I have waking dreams of the day I find a pinkie in the wild, but until then I have a newer white tree with Shiny Brites and little elves on it. I still go down to wherever there’s a tree stand and ask for an armful of boughs. They’re usually free and they do the trick for that Christmas smell. Not only can you use them for a wreath, tie them together as garland or place them on your mantle where your stockings are hung. Mix a couple handfuls of greenery from your yard and voila! You get to keep your classic mid-century Christmas tree and it still smells like Santa is about to pop down the chimney. Assuming you’ve been good of course.

For the Love of Vintage,

Miss Monday

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