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December 19, 2017

Butterick B6453 – Like A Glove!

by Arleen

This week I took a break from gift sewing and made a little time for me-sewing. Also known as selfish sewing. Ah yes, my guilty favorite. My whole inspiration for learning to sew in the first place; not only the desire, but the need to wear something beautiful – that fits! The reality is that we can purchase clothing in about 3-5 different sizes is a little bit crazy. Don’t you think? Our beautiful bodies are all shaped so differently, finding the right fit is hard, and for some, almost impossible.

Gertie, one of my favorite pattern designers, has some way of reading my mind to create the patterns I really wish I had. With amazing instruction and step-by-step sew alongs, it makes it easy for the home sewer to step it up a notch and really get into the good stuff with fitting, finishing and all the in-between. Here is a little bit of my experience sewing with B6453.



My first attempt was view A, with a full skirt from a border print from my fabric collection, Merryweather. While the details came out just perfect, the fit needed a little help. Butterick likes to give you A LOT of ease, or wiggle room. So whatever size I think I am, minus at least two sizes, and that should be a good place to start. A good tip is to go off of the finished garment measurements printed direction on the pattern pieces. Although the bodice doesn’t have that va-va-voom close fit I would have hoped, I at least got to wear this dress around Disneyland!



Over the summer, a lovely piece of vintage plaid taffeta fabric came into my possession. Oh what a wonderful Yuletide dress this will make! After carefully contemplating my patterns, I chose to go with B6453. However, I needed to make sure the fit was just perfect before I proceeded, full steam ahead!



First things first, I went to Gertie’s blog to see what she recommends for fit adjustments for this pattern. There is a lot that can be done with the princess seams to better cover your bosom. I also checked the sew-along Facebook group dedicated to this pattern. There are thousands of other like minded sewers, all sharing their experiences. (Also a good place to go for pattern hack inspiration!)

I chose this cabbage rose fabric from my fabric collection, Tall Tales. I still love all those cheeky little prints!



First of all, I went with a size 6, which is down a size completely from where I started. Then, I took in the top of the princess seam and inched down the neckline a bit, too. I also made the back plunge down about an inch further. I was going for some serious sass with this one! When I tried on my finished dress, to my shock and utter amazement, it fit like a glove! Hurrah!



Now that my pattern pieces are all the right sizes, I feel safe and confident cutting into my really special fabric. And this time, I will make view A, for a really fabulous full taffeta skirt, in all its glory.





PS – Fortunately, you can still get away with a poplin dress and a cardigan in some parts of California! So I’m doing it!

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  1. Jesy Anderson Reply

    December 19, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    I might just have to get this pattern now 🙂 Looks awesome lady!

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